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10 *UNCENSORED* Motivational Questions To Ignite Your Drive!

Motivational Questions

If you finish all the motivational questions on this page you will boost your motivation (forever) by at least 20%. That's a guarantee!

* Not actually a legal guarantee. Don't sue me please.*

Asking questions is one of the most powerful ways to trick our minds into guiding us towards purpose.

Everyone has motivation lying dormant inside them. They just need to pull the right strings and ask the right questions to bring it out!

Your motivation and drive are sitting there waiting to be activated!

But until you change your self-identity into that of a motivated person you will continue to make excuses.

The motivational questions listed here are a mixture of motivational affirmations that will help you step into the new you, and deep thought-provoking motivational questions that will help you learn more about yourself and how you can boost your motivation.

Now I know what you are probably thinking.

"Answering these questions sounds like homework." - You, 2021

And yeah, it does, sorry.

Especially if you lack motivation.

But trust me. You will be so glad you did.

If you finish even 2 prompts on this page you will see what I mean.

Just spend 3 minutes. That's all I ask. See what you are capable of.

Motivational Questions

* Nothing you write will be saved! *

Why do I want to achieve my goal?

Why am I going to achieve all my goals?

Why am I such a motivated person?

What steps do I need to take to get closer to my goals?

Why do I not struggle with motivation?

Why do I never procrastinate even when it's tempting?

What would the consequences of not achieving my goal be?

What is currently stopping my motivation?

Why am I so confident that I am becoming a more motivated person?

Why do I wake up every day with extreme motivation?