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Positive Questions To Ask Yourself: Ask Your Way To Happiness

Positive Questions To Ask Yourself

Want to know how to create a strong positive self-image and encourage positive thinking in your mind?

Ask yourself the right questions.

Every day you are asking and answering questions, they just aren't usually all that positive.

Your mind can and will answer any question you throw at it.

Why is the world a dark horrible place?

Why is the world a beautiful and inspirational place?

You can answer both of these.

Possibly even equally.

But depending on which one you choose to ask yourself, you will build a very different mindset.

Ask yourself the former, and your mind will break off like a flow chart, into increasingly darker questions, solidifying your negative worldview and closing off your life's potential.

Ask yourself the latter and the same thing will happen, except for positive thinking this time.

You will begin to see more and more to be positive about. You will begin to see opportunities instead of negativity.

It is important that you answer these positive questions the way you want to see them.

Make the answer what you want the answer to be. Not what you think is most rational.

10 Positive Questions To Ask Yourself

Why am I such a happy person?

Why is the world full of opportunity?

Why is it important for me to show gratitude?

Why am I such a confident person?

Why do I always try my hardest?

Why am I capable of being anything I want to be?

Why am I capable of accomplishing anything I want to accomplish?

Why are my opportunities limitless?

Why is the world full of good?

Why do I choose to only see the good of the world?

Challenge Your Mind

You can answer these questions in your head, on paper, on the website. It doesn't really matter. The important thing is to challenge your brain.

Challenge your mind to answer these positive questions. Challenge your mind to think in a new way, to pave out new pathways in your mind associated with positive thinking.

The more you think a certain way the more natural it becomes.

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