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Exercises in Positive Thinking That Change The Way You Feel

Exercises in positive thinking

The Importance of Controlling Your Thoughts

How often do you actively control your thinking?

How often do you actively consider which thoughts and mindset will be the most beneficial to the outcome of your life?

How you think is intimately connected to how your life unfolds before your eyes.

Every volition to act first begins with some level of thinking. Whether that be positive or negative.


What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness of your life, you create more of it.

- Somebody, probably.


Do you agree with this quote?

Well, you probably should.

Your mind is limited in the number of things it can be focusing on.

There is quite literally an infinite amount of things you could be focusing on in this exact second.

How Does Your Mind Decide Your Thoughts?

So, how is your mind choosing which thing to think about in this very moment?

Well, I don't really know that.

It's rather complicated. Probably.

But one thing we can and have all deduced is that you prime it to some level.

Every thought process begins quite inconsequential and small. But once it triggers an emotional response, it often begins to occupy more and more space.

Something that is a mild annoyance gradually becomes more and more infuriating the more space it takes up in your mind.

What you focus on expands.

Your brain identifies emotional responses as the vector of importance. What it deems important, likely for survival purposes, it will deliver you more of.

Not Designed for Modern Times

I'm sure this all makes perfect sense to you.

It's not a bad system.

However, it wasn't designed for modern life. It wasn't designed for our current emotional responses that have very limited connection to importance.

This is why we need to take it into our own hands.

We need to directly tell our minds what we think is important.

And this can all be done through exercises in positive thinking.

Why am I so happy?

Why am I so grateful that I woke up today?

Fill in those two text fields with a few words.

Practice Exercising Positive Thoughts

I'm not asking you to write a novel here but please try not to continue until you're done.

Did you see how easy it was? How quickly your mind was able to answer those questions?

If you had to guess, what percentage of mornings do you wake up and intentionally prime your mind to think positively? How often do you ask the mind questions that will truly benefit you, and sculpt your mindset into one that is strong, resilient, and determined?

If your answer is anything above 0.1%, I'm not sure I believe you.

Why am I so confident?

Give it a try. If you don't feel it's true then lie. Imagine what it would feel like to think these are true statements. How would you feel? How would you think? Jow would you answer these questions?

Why am I so happy that I am in good health?

At this point, I'm expecting you to have probably stopped trying to answer all of them. But if you are still working on them, good job.

More Positive Thinking Exercises

Why do I love how I look?

Why do I love my personality?

Why do I never give up?


Not too hard right?

Now ask yourself. How much would your life change if you answered 10 of these positive thinking exercises a day?

What would your mindset be like after a week? A month? A year?

I think it would be fair to say your life would change, and undeniably for the better.