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Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

Your mindset and thoughts directly influence the outcome of your life.

If you don’t believe this to be true, then this is probably not the article for you.

However, if you do believe that your thoughts and internalized self-beliefs have some correlation with the direction in which your life progresses, then continue.

Now I’m not going to be making the claim that if you believe you’re going to have an excellent drive to work, traffic will miraculously clear for you.

There will be no vague spiritual claims made here.

What I am going to be claiming, and what I believe you will agree with is the following: Whatever you deem to be possible for yourself, and more importantly, what you believe will be possible to do comfortably is ultimately what you will subconsciously use to gauge what decisions and actions you are going to take in your life.

If you were absolutely certain (to a fault) that whatever you were working on would end in success, then you would very likely continue at it obsessively until your goal was achieved. Especially if you believed it would be fun and stimulating.

Even if you consider yourself to be a lazy procrastinator with no motivation, if there was no seed of doubt in your mind, the procrastination would very likely no longer be there.

It is almost definitely the case that with this mindset and belief system you would achieve some magnitude of success (barring your goals are entirely impossible which I suppose is true for someone out there).

If you want to change your life for the better (which I hope you do), then shifting your mindset and opening doors you once held closed will accomplish this.

Shifting your mindset will result in the volition to act differently. When your self-image changes your actions will follow closely behind.

Change your conception of yourself and what you deem possible and the world you live in will change along with it.

What would I try if I knew I couldn’t fail?

Give it some thought. See what you can come up with. Completing this prompt with honesty may prove to be difficult and uncomfortable but give it a try nonetheless.

I’m sure what you ended up with (if you did it) was a list of things that you have yet to do but would likely make you a much more fulfilled person.

Arguably your life would be very different if you chose to attempt these goals.

But self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives are stopping you.

You are stopping you.

There is nothing external to you that you could truthfully pass this blame onto.

Why do I know I have what it takes to pursue these things?

Give it a try. Can you come up with something?

It’s all simply a matter of perspective and belief. But usually, we don’t choose these beliefs. At least we (most of us) don’t put much conscious effort into shaping and moulding our mindset. We may think we do, but it’s undeniably not the case.

Think of how many hours people put into going to the gym to see an increase in physical fitness. Have you ever tried working out your self-beliefs in this way? Probably not. But the benefits would be astounding. Nothing has more control over your life than your mindset and self-beliefs. Everything ultimately follows its lead. Is it unreasonable to think your mind couldn’t be strengthened in the same way?

The truth is, you can change and shift your mindset. Although it may take some effort. It’s up to you if you are willing to put in that work.