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17+ Exhilarating Self Love Journal Prompts for Adults

Journal Prompts for Self Love & Confidence Building

Write 3 things you love about your physical appearance.

What do you love about the way you look?

What are your favourite personality traits?

What personality traits do you love most about yourself?

What is something you achieved that you are proud of?

What personal achievements are you proudest of?

What parts of your life are you happy with?

What are your favorite parts of your life? What is currently going really well for you?

What positive beliefs do you hold about yourself?

What are some of your best core beliefs?

Why do you deserve to be happy?


Get rid of a limiting belief that you have about yourself.

Find a limiting belief you hold and dispell of it.

Why would your younger self be proud of you?

Find the things in your life that your younger self would be proud that you accomplished.

What things are you really good at?

What are some of your greatest skills?

Assign yourself some positive labels.

What are some of positive labels you identify with?

Why do you commit to being kind to yourself?

Why are you chosing to be kind and loving to yourself?

Why do you find self love so important?

Why do you think self love is so important?

What is a characteristic that makes you unique?

What are some of your unique personality traits?

Write down a list of 10 things that make you feel happy.

Do it.

What are your top 3 favorite personality traits about yourself?

What are some of your greatest qualities?

In this present moment, what are you proudest of?

What are some things about yourself and your life that you are currently proud of?

What is something about yourself that you’ve grown to love?

What is something about yourself that you love now but didn't always love?

What are your biggest strengths?

What are you better at than most people?

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