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Ridiculously Motivating Journal Prompts for Adults

Motivational Journal Prompts for Inspiration

What would make me happiest right now?


What is currently standing in the way of my happiness?

What are some mental and physical blocks in your life?

What in my life is unnecessarily draining my energy?

What do you need to cut out?

What do I need to give up?

What habits or vices do you need to drop?

What new habits do I need to develop?

What new habits would help you accomplish your dreams?

What do I desperately want to achieve?

What are you looking to accomplish?

What can I change in my environment to make me more motivated?

What could you immediately change in your surroundings to make you more motivated?

What would I do if money was no obstacle?

If money didn't matter what passion would you follow?

What is a short term goal I would like to accomplish?

What is one short term goal you would like to finish?

What is a long term goal I would like to accomplish?

What is one long term goal you would like to finish?

What do I want to master?

What skill do you want to learn and master?

What does my perfect day look like?

What is your ideal day?

What is an important lesson I've learned?

What is a life changing lesson you have learned?

What small thing can I do today to make it a success?

What can you do RIGHT NOW?

What would I do if I didn't care about failure?

If failure wasn't a fear what would you chase?

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