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Journal Prompts for Absolutely Annihilating Limiting Beliefs!

Journal Prompts for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Why do I know that I can do anything?

Why are you positive that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to?

Why do I recognize limiting beliefs for what they are? Useless cognitive noise.

Why do you recognize your limiting beliefs for what they are?

Why do I consistently overcome my limiting beliefs?

Why are you always overcoming your limiting beliefs?

Why do my limiting beliefs hold now power over me?

Why do your limiting beliefs hold zero power over your life?

Why do I continue to rewrite all my limiting beliefs into growth oriented beliefs?

Why doy ou choose to overcome your limiting beliefs constantly?

Why do I believe in myself?

Why do you believe in yourself?

I am so happy that I no longer believe _______.

Fill in the blank.

I used to think _____ but now I think ______.

Fill in the blank.

Why do I get closer to my goals every day?

Why are you always getting closer to your goals?

Why do I choose to have a growth mindset?


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