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21+ Journal Prompts To Engulf Your Heart With Happiness

Journal Prompts for Happiness

Why do I commit myself to living such a happy life?

Why do you choose to be so happy?

Why does journaling make me so happy?

Why does journaling always bring out your inner happiness?

Why do I jump out of bed every morning feeling so excited and happy to start the day?

Why are you so motivated and happy to start the day?

What is something that never fails to make me happy?

What is something that always makes you happy?

What is my most positive memory?

What is your happiest memory?

What is the happiest day I can remember?

What is the happiest day you lived in recent or extended memory?

Why am I such a radiant and joyous person?

Why are you such a joyous person?

Why do I love making people happy?

Why do you love making other people happy?

Why do I love seeing happiness around me?

Why do you love seeing happiness all around you?

Why do I have a right to happiness?

Why do you deserve happiness?

Why is it so easy for me to choose happiness?

Why do you find happiness easy?

Why am I so incredibly happy in this moment?

What are you happy for in this exact moment?

Why am I choosing to feel so happy from now on?

Why are you choosing to live a happy life?

What is a smell that always makes me happy?

What is a smell that you love?

Why does other people's happiness make me happy?

Why do you find other people's happiness contagious?

Why does happiness constantly flow to me?

Why does happiness flow to you with ease?

Why am I almost always happy?

Why are you always so happy?

How do I define happiness?

How do you define happiness in your life?

What would my dream happy day look like?

What would the ideal happy day be for you?

I am so happy that ____ exists.


I am so happy that I am not _____.


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