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Inspiring Fitness Journal Prompts To Make You Get Up and Go!

Fitness Journal Prompts

Why are you committing to your fitness goals?

Why will you accomplish them no matter what?

Why do you love fitness?

What are your favorite parts about working out and staying fit?

Where will you be next year if you keep up your fitness goals?

How far can you go?

Why do you stay fit?

Why is it so important for you to stay fit and healthy?

Why do you enjoy working out?

Why is fitness and exercise something you love?

What is your favorite part about fitness?

What do you do it for? Mental clarity, appearance...?

Why will you never give up again?

Why will you stay at your goals without failure?

Why is fitness part of your life and who you are?

Why is fitness ingrained into your personality?

What health and fitness activities do you need to make more time for?

What is it?

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