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Body Positivity Booster: Body Image Journal Prompts for Adults

Journal Prompts for Body Positivity & Positive Body Image

List as many things as possible that you like about your body.

Get listing.

Make a body image gratitude list.

What about your body are you grateful for? What could be infinitely worse?

What would it feel like to only have positive thoughts towards your body?

How would you feel if you only thought positively about your body?

My favorite thing about my body is _____.

What is it?

I am so glad that I have ______.

What feature are you thankful for?

I should be kinder to myself because _______.

Why should you be nicer to yourself? Why does negativity do more harm than good?

I will never think negatively about my body again because _____.

Why will you never think negatively about your self image ever again?

I love the way I look because ______.

Why do you love how you look?

Today marks the day where my body image changes. I am changing because ______.

Why are you deciding to change?

How has social media affected your body image?

How has social media affected your body image, postiive or negative?

When has social media encouraged POSITIIVE body image thoughts?

When has social media helped you be kinder to yourself?

Do societal standards affect your body image? How much?

How strongly do societal standards effect your self image?

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