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It looks like you might be new here, so let me quickly explain to you what NeuralShifter is and how it can transform your life.

Our minds are largely a product of confirmation bias. Throughout our lives, we form an image of ourselves. This includes what we are good at, what we are bad at, what we can change, what we can never change, and millions of other parameters.

Throughout extended periods of time, this self-image begins to shape our entire reality.

If you are someone who has a self-image of lacking confidence your entire life would be shaped through this idea.

Your mind would use confirmation bias to filter through your memories and selectively present you with all the moments that justify this self-perception making you even less confident. You would then make decisions based on this self-image ultimately freezing you in time and anchoring you to your current mindset.

Our mind desperately wants to be right about what we tell it. Even if it ultimately hurts us.

This means our thoughts, mindset, and core beliefs directly influence the outcome of our reality.

Many people give this observation spiritual and vague titles such as the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Synchronicity, and likely a million other titles that I have yet to discover.

NeuralShifter allows us an opportunity to directly influence this concept.

It allows us to hack confirmation bias to shift our mindsets into whatever we wish it to be.

And this is all done by asking and answering questions.

Questions, prompts, and writing is one of the few (simple) ways that we have to directly herd our thoughts in a specified direction.

Your mind is capable of answering just about any question you throw at it. Even if it is completely untrue. You could probably answer "Why are you a unicorn?" right now.

Actually give it a try (if you want). Why are you a unicorn?

Why am I a unicorn?

Obviously you aren't going to get much benefit from answering questions like that, unless you want to feel like a unicorn of course. The real benefit comes when you use it to start challenging negative core beliefs, or strengthening positive ones.

By asking questions like "Why am I confident?", "Why am I healthy?", "Why am I motivated?" and answering them in full detail, whether it's fabricated or factual evidence you will begin to reprogram your self-image.

At first, it may feel like you are lying as this is not how you are used to thinking and feeling, but soon you will come to realize that your previous self-image was probably much closer to being a lie.

Confirmation bias will begin to take hold and your mind will begin showing you all the required evidence for the new story you are telling it.

Once you change your mindset your reality will follow along with it.

You will begin to make decisions that you wouldn't usually make, resulting in even more concrete shifts in how you see yourself and the world around you.

Ultimately your entire life will be molded into one that reflects the person that you want to be.

Everything begins with a thought.

Welcome to your new life.

Give it a try!

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